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Welcome to Bob Maritime Services Pvt Limited, (marine services) your reliable partner on the East Coast of India (Ship Chandlers in Visakhapatnam). A well-respected member of local and international maritime organizations, Bob Maritime was established by well-experienced and highlytrained experts with decades of experience in the fields of ship chandling, marine services, and other maritime services. It was established with the values of integrity, trust, and loyalty. Over the years, Bob Maritime has succeeded in building a network of reliable and long-standing business partners and clients who have come to rely on a steady stream of quality-driven services given at the most pocket-friendly rates. ship suppliers

Ship Chandling

We knew food is one of the most important things for the crew on board. We can supply your vessels with everything that is needed to provide the crew with healthy and tasty meals (ship chandlers in visakhapatnam). Our assortment is as versatile as the crews on board. The list below our range of products. ship suppliers

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 The branch of ship suppliers come with a very professional team of versatile employees who are always on hand to work and give the clients the very best. These services (marine services) come with an assurance of excellence when it comes to chandling alongside swift delivery time. For those who send in their quotations, they are sure of getting prompt and detailed responses to any of their order requests. Of recent, there has been a rise in the level of competition among the various companies involved in ship chandling. This has also led to an adjustment when it comes to the prices. As the goal is to attract and retain the highest number of clients, some companies involved in ship chandling (ship chandlers in visakhapatnam)are reaching bargains with their prices and end up striking deals at relatively low rates.

ship chandlers in visakhapatnam

With presence maintained all over East India, Bob Maritime is in a good position to deliver excellence-driven services to all their clients. At ports in Haldia, Visakhapatnam,and Gangavaram, Bob Maritime is always there to meet your needs with its array of ship chandlers who have decades of experience in the industry (ship chandlers in visakhapatnam). Over the years, Bob Maritime has come to expand its scope of services (marine services) rendered to cover thousands of items in the ship chandling sector. ship suppliers

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Customs Broker

We provide dedicated Customs Brokerage services. This includes E- clearances performed by trained professionals, valuation, verification and classification services, we can efficiently handle Customs clearance activities of Import / Export cargo at Visakhapatnam Port, India. (ship chandlers in visakhapatnam) ship suppliers

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BOB Maritime Services Pvt Ltd support services (marine services) to cater to the needs of vessels calling at all ports of East Coast of Indian subcontinent. By offering a comprehensive range of provision, bonded, Deck and Engine stores, we ensure that we consistently deliver best-in-class services which meet the quality standards and expectations of our customers. (ship chandlers in visakhapatnam) ship suppliers

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