About Us

Bob Maritime Services Pvt Limited is well-positioned when it comes to the provision of services to meet the needs of vessels that call at all the ports along the East Coast of India. As a result of the fact that we offer a very detailed range of services, our clients can be sure of getting first-class services that follow the best standard practices that can match up with any from all over the globe. If your goal is to get the best ship chandling services anywhere along the eastern coast of India, then you are in safe hands with Bob Maritime. Our enterprise offers a very comprehensive package of ship chandling services. Our operations are round the clock and we do everything possible to serve our clients with the most excellent services and the best thing about all these is that the services are given at the most pocket-friendly services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to take advantage of our strategic geographic position in Visakhapatnam and generate value by procuring, storing and distributing supplies to our clients in all of the East Coast seaports of India.

Our Approach

Ship Chandling in India is mostly unorganized, but we at BOB Maritime are trying to provide an organized service through scientific approached towards sourcing, packaging and distributing of the supplies. We see our customers as partners, therefore our service does not end with the delivery or mailing the invoice. We like to satisfy our customers to build a long-standing relationship



BOB Maritime Services Pvt Ltd support services to cater to the needs of vessels calling at all ports of East Coast of Indian subcontinent. By offering a comprehensive range of provision, bonded, Deck and Engine stores, we ensure that we consistently deliver best-in-class services which meet the quality standards and expectations of our customers.

If you are looking for best Ship Chandlers in the Indian East Coast, our company provides the full range of ship chandling supplies. We work 24/7 to serve our clientele and our supplies are of premium quality and competitively priced.


There are several reasons as to why you should select Bob Maritime for your needs. It has a team of highly-experienced and superbly-trained handlers. Bob Maritime also comes with a logistic service license in all the principal ports and also work with logistic partners in all the main ports of the east coast of India.

Bob Maritime has a very well-coordinated culture alongside a world-class business identity, processing, reporting, and knowledge base that is dependent on the best standards employed in the corporate world.

There are also services related to storage, logistics, and distribution. There is also the expertise related to the coordination and tracking of orders, stocks, and deliveries. Bob Maritime is also known for strictly meeting the needs of the customers. It is also a venture that is based on and designed on a system of solid financial stability. The best way to get excellent maritime services is to work with a reputable brand and that is where Bob Maritime comes in.

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  • Experienced and highly qualified young management team.
  • Logistic Service License in major ports and Logistic partners in all ports of the east coast of Indian Sub-continent.
  • We have an organized culture with a standardized business identity, knowledge base, procedures & reporting specifications based on corporate standards.
  • Logistic, storage & distribution capacity and expertise.
  • Knowledge infrastructure to monitor stocks, orders and deliveries.
  • Total commitment to client requirements.
  • Financial stability.
  • Geo-strategic location in the Indian East Coast.