Customs Broker

Ship Customs  Broker

At Bob Maritime, clients can be sure of getting outstanding and very comprehensive customs brokerage services. Some of these services include electronic clearances that are carried out by some of the most experienced professionals in the niche. Some of the other services include verification of documents and classification services.

 As a result of our team of very dedicated professionals, we can easily carry out all activities related to customs clearance. Hence, if you are going to handle the importation or exportation of cargo at the Visakhapatnam Port in eastern India, Bob Maritime is the best for you.

With us, you can be very sure of the very prompt and swift clearance and release of your cargo. This is because we parade some of the most competent professionals in this area. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to the relevant documentation and very deep comprehension of all the rules of customs and the procedures that are needed for a stress-free and quick clearance at the customs. When it comes to export and import services, we are here for you.

We provide dedicated Customs Brokerage services. This includes E- clearances performed by trained professionals, valuation, verification and classification services, we can efficiently handle Customs clearance activities of Import / Export cargo at Visakhapatnam Port, India.

We can assure accurate and timely release of your cargo and our professionals have full knowledge of documentation and understanding of Customs rules and procedures that ensure smooth and speedy custom clearance.

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As a business person, one of the most frustrating things that you can face is to have all your business cargo delayed at the ports for weeks. If the cargo is delayed, it means there is nothing that you can deliver to your waiting customers. This is in addition to extra or additional costs of doing business as you keep accumulating demurrage and other charges at the port.

With Bob Maritime handling your custom clearance, you do not have to ever worry about all these. This is because as a reliable ship customs broker, we have put everything in place to ensure that there are little or no delays with the clearance of your products. The best thing about all these is that we offer everything to you at the most affordable prices of all, do your business with Bob Maritime today and you will never regret it as we have the most impressive array of customs brokerage services.