Tank Cleaning & Sludge Clearance

Tank Cleaning & Sludge Clearance:

Tank Cleaning Solutions

BOB Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. specializes in cleaning tanks that are utilized to store various product types including crude oil, fuel oil, slop oil, wastewater, and other products. Whether it’s routine maintenance to remove solids and sludge, We also supply an innovative and complete range of quality tank cleaning chemicals designed for any kind of tank cleaning.

Oil & Sludge Disposal And Chemical Cleaning

Sludge builds up in tanks and vessels over time. The sludge needs to be removed at regular intervals in order to maintain a smooth running operation.

Tanks are ventilated to remove any organic lead in the air, and explosive potential levels are checked. When acceptable levels have been reached operators enter the tanks and clean the surfaces to attain a gas-free status. After this, hot cutting is carried out and the tanks and rest of the plant are sectioned, pickled and flamed out until no organic lead is present.